[Method] How to build backlinks for Amazon niche site

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    How to build backlinks for Amazon niche site

    Hello awesome people.

    For the last 2 years I am working as an amazon affiliate marketer. Currently I have 2 niche sites which is making passive income for me (I am not doing anything and it's giving me a Smart amount of money) and recently I have sold one of my niche site for $12k which was making like $600 per month. This year I have started building 2 more sites and I have plan to make this 2 authority site in that particular industry.

    In this journey I have faced so many problem building a niche site and make money with this and backlink was the most difficult part. So here I am sharing my backlink method which I use to rank my sites on google.

    I build backlink for my Amazon niche site in 3 steps:

    1. Base/foundation links
    2. Power links
    3. Tiered links

    1. Base Links:

    Base links are the basic links that you can acquire for your niche site easily, and it helps diversifying your link profile in large scale.

    These are some of the base links I build for each of my niche site:

    1. Web 2.0
    2. Article directory (Only a few high quality article directories)
    3. Video backlinks from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion
    4. Slide and document sharing sites
    5. Blog comment (High quality blog comments as described on this post: )
    6. Forum posting
    7. Question answer sites like Quora
    8. Content marketing through community sites
    9. Image backlinks
    10. Wiki site links
    11. Audio backlinks
    12. Profile backlinks on sites like about.me

    2. Power Links

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    3. Tiered Links

    Most of the cases, base and power links combined will get your site ranked on the top. If doesn’t you might need to do some tiered backlinks.

    Means, you need to build backlinks for your backlink.

    So that's all I have done to rank my niche sites on google. And as I choose low competitive keywords for my niche sites it's always easy for me to rank quick.

    Believe me guys it's no rocket science. All you just have to do is keep working and have patience. If you have any question feel free to ask.

    Hope this will be helpful fo some of you.
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    Nice post.............
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    Thank you for sharing this. How long does it take for your site to rank in the 1st - 3rd pages in the SERPS?
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    thanks very much for this in-depth analysis of backlinking
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    thanks very much for this
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    Does it still work?
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