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    Top Google Adsense Amazing Tip & Tricks for Beginner
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    you how to sign up for a google adsense account from the start all the way to the finish so it's not a very long process there are a few things that you need to know that I'm going to make you aware of before we start in this article number one you must be 18 years of age or older ok in order for you to get paid anything you have to meet the threshold of one hundred dollars so if your ads do not accumulate $100 you will not get paid that month and thirdly you get paid the month after you make the money so if your ads make a hundred and twenty dollars in October you will not get paid that 120 dollars until november so there are a few more things that i want to tell you as we go forward but i did want to address those before we even get started so as you see here when you log into your gmail account you have to have a gmail account to do this go to gmail.

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    If it is then you would click that there now next is going to be your google content language so obviously i'm american mine's going to be English yours maybe German French Chinese whatever your native language is that you want your content to show ads with that's going to be what you want so for me it's going to be English alright next you need to look at the google adsense terms and conditions, this is very very important you know you cannot click on your own ads this is not allowed obviously you cannot place ads on sites that don't you including synonyms for users to click those ads so you can say click this add on my site for you know whatever to win something in a giveaway so read all of these terms and conditions these are very important and they're very crucial to your future and having a good healthy google adsense account so once we've done that we're gonna go ahead.

    I'm going to type in here one of my let's see we'll do this here urls and then we'll just go ahead and click the blue continue button next it will ask me to submit my adsense application this is the last step so you gotta make sure all of this is you know correct information and i will tell you this a lot of this is for tax purposes and things like that so make sure you get this right or Uncle Sam or wherever you are in your country will come looking for you because you didn't do it right not really but make sure you do it right so country or territory obviously for me is going to be the United States of America again my time is Eastern and then mi an individual or business this is going to be how they pay you I'm an individual you may be a business whatever it may be make sure you put your legal name under payee name and then your street address where you live your city or state zip code phone and how did you know to you.

    Know get no adsense and tell them they're now once we've done this you will then see this blue button here that says submit my application so you'll click the blue button there i'm not going to do it here because i already have an adsense account and i'm going to log into it here in a minute but you need to understand that right here where it says submit my application you will need tosubmit that now it's going to ask you to do something when you submit that application whatever URL you put back here under i will show ads on ok it will ask you to place a code on your backend of your website so you have to prove that you all met website by either inserting the HTML code on the backend of your website or you have to go to like godaddy your url domain name provider and change your DSS dns server names i'm sorry if you wanna know how to do that i have a article on how to do that and I will put that link down below so that's how they know that it is you and not somebody else you do own that content so go ahead and submit that application do all that so i'm gonna go ahead and leave this screen here and go on over to my adsense account all right now what you get approved on adsense you're going to see something that looks like this this is a dummy account for me just because I don't want to show any personal information obviously but as you see here you're going to see something that looks like this here this is going to be you know your your bottom line as far as how you get set up with adsense now if you have a youtube channel i will show you how to you know you link it with your youtube channel and if you have a website i'm going to show you how to implement code on your website so what you get signed up with google adsense.

    You're going to see this today so far as how much money you earned today yesterday how much money you earned their the last seven days last 28 days and then your current balance will be what they owe you or what they're going to pay out to you but remember you have to reach 100 dollars in order for this to work now let's go ahead and say you want to add a add on to your account once we do that we're going to go up to my ads and then what you see that they're going to see something that says new ad unit click on that new ad it there and then once we do that we're going to be able to choose from the different types of ads so we'll have all of these different size and shape ads and i'll show you a preview of what they look like these are the recommended and so we're gonna go with this one here and then you can change it from a text a display ad whatever you want to do and then you can even use custom channels but we're not going to get any of that so we're gonna save and get code hit that blue button there but also you got a name the ads are going to name it add one and then once we do that we're going to go to save and get code once we've done that you're going to see it says and successfully created now this HTML code may look like a whole bunch of mess to you and that's fine but all you have to do is copy and paste this and paste it onto your backend of your website.

    if you use wordpress or whatever it is you you would need to paste that they're so that's how you add an advertisement or an advert from google adsense onto your blog or web page now let's say you want to do it on your YouTube channel alright and now once we're over on youtube and we're wanting to add the monetization option or adsense on our channel go to your article manager by just clicking on your little profile image here and then go to creator studio and then once you're at the Creator studio you'll see here where you can see your video manager and and whatnot so what you're there go and see where it says channel you want to click on Channel and then once you're here you have all of these different stuff on these different features that you can add on to your channel so we're going to see something here at the top it says monetization this here is going to be your avenue to get your adsense account linked to your YouTube channel.
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