[GET] Google provides backlink tool for web site house owners

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    Google provides backlink tool for web site house owners

    One of the common requests I hear from webmasters is “Why doesn’t Google show ME most or all of my backlinks?†Well, as of nowadays, Google’s webmaster console can currently allow you to see your site’s backlinks. Major props to the webmaster console team for this new feature. some things to know:

    – The backlink tool doesn’t show 100 percent of the backlinks from Google however, however I expect the amount of links that area unit out there to grow.

    – specially, for my web site i used to be simply able to see quite 10x a lot of links during this new tool than the link: command gave ME. The link: command has invariably came alittle fraction of the backlinks that Google is aware of regarding, chiefly for historical reasons (e.g. restricted space on the machines that served up “link:†data).

    – you'll transfer the backlinks in a very very nice CSV format, appropriate for slicing and dicing and different analysis. i think you'll export up to 1,000,000 backlinks if your web site has that a lot of backlinks. :)

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    I’m certain that there was a lot of that I needed to mention, however why don’t folks begin twiddling with it and provides feedback or post backlink tool-related questions? i do know that the webmaster team reads to urge feedback up here too; congrats once more to it entire team for providing this. If you wish to start out browsing your site’s backlinks, check in for Google’s webmaster console currently.

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    nice share bro.. i want try this one
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    Great WORK Continue it
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    Thanx for the tips hope working
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    Thanx for the tips hope working

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