[GUIDE] BHSCTrading Ratings Reputation Points System

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    New BHSC Trading Ratings Reputation Points System only for BlackHat Seo Community Marketplace

    An illustrated guide for those who have issues giving
    iTrader points to others.

    Trade Reputation System

    In order to give ratings on Trader Ratings :

    1:- Click on the nick of the person

    2:- Secondly , Click on View All feedbacks of the person you wish to give Trader Ratings and you will see an submit option after clicking on feedbacks

    After this stage Click on Submit Feedback in order to provide Trader Ratings in what ever regards your deal executed upon

    Keep in mind that in the DEAL THREAD URL you need to place that link on which your deal got executed as a purchase or selling. " URL COPY FROM THE URL BAR AND PLACE IT THERE "

    Place comments according to the deal terms. Your Trade Rating is Complete.

    After everything in order, CLICK SUBMIT for confirmation

    If you want see full detail please go own profile tab or go here Top Trader.
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