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    Xrummer Fresh backlinks Huge (2016)

    • All_Profiles_07_2015.txt – database with all profiles, contains more than 154.000 links
    • Rus_Profiles_07_2015.txt – database of Russian profiles, more than 48.000 links
    • NotRus_Profiles_07_2015.txt – database of Not-Russian profiles, more than 106.000 links
    • Posting_07_2015.txt – database for textual posting. Checking for active URL was not made. The checking was made on 100% posting of text without URL. This database contains more than 17.000 links.

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    BotmasterLabs.Net: XRumer 12..16 Elite + Hrefer 4.6 Professional + SocPlugin 4..34 + BlogsPlugin

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    Good Work Keep it up
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    thank you dude, i want it, thx again

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